Kids Fishing Day in Roanoke

Roanoke Family eGuide 2/28 2:30A Valerie
Join us for our annual fishing in the park on Saturday, March 6 from 9AM noon at Roanoke Community Park! No pre-registration required, register at the event. Free hot dogs and water will be served....

Take a look at Evening Falls by Cherie Giddens

Roanoke BubbleLife iReporter 2/24 10:00P Giddens Gallery of Fine Art in G
Evening Falls Framed 27.5 x 21.5? Watercolor I began with wet-into-wet color to tone the paper with the color of the prevailing light against the cliffs. These colors of crimson were allowed to shine...

Take a look at Lone Star Longhorn by Betty Watkins

Roanoke BubbleLife iReporter 2/23 10:00P Giddens Gallery of Fine Art in G
Lone Star Longhorn Framed 43 x 33? Oil Out in a Texas sunset a lone star appears and glowing in its fading light, stands a starry-eyed Longhorn. Additional painting info: ...

Take a look at Harvest Bundled by Naomi Brotherton

Roanoke BubbleLife iReporter 2/22 10:00P Giddens Gallery of Fine Art in G
Harvest Bundled Matted 28 x 22? Watercolor Born April 8th, 1920, Naomis acclaims are many. Among them is her earned privilege of Signature member of Southwestern Watercolor Society (SWS), National...

Indoor Play Areas

Roanoke Family eGuide 2/21 1:00A Valerie
Indoor Play Areas in the Northern Suburbs of DFW Below you ll find a list of indoor play areas that are either free or incredibly cheap. If you know of something we ve missed, please Contact Us with...

Take a look at Angel Care by Betty Grummer

Roanoke BubbleLife iReporter 2/15 10:00P Giddens Gallery of Fine Art in G
Angel Care Gallery Wrap 24 x 36? Acrylic Collage on Canvas Angels are known to be invisible and at times visible. They are messengers and protectors. Here I have shown one as a protector and also a...

Take a look at August Colors on Bristol by Jackie Railsback

Roanoke BubbleLife iReporter 2/10 10:00P Giddens Gallery of Fine Art in G
August Colors on Bristol Framed 28 x 21 Watercolor I love to paint rocks, and Colorado has so many colors.  I did this on location in watercolor. See additional info on painting...

Take a look at Whispers by Regina Davis

Roanoke BubbleLife iReporter 2/9 10:00P Giddens Gallery of Fine Art in G
Whispers Gallery Wrap 46 x 36 Oil on linen In this painting we can almost feel the presence of ones thoughts. Each one of the thoughts we have are represented here as powerful flowers, strong and...

Take a look at Sailors Valentine by Kristi A Zatyko

Roanoke BubbleLife iReporter 2/8 10:00P Giddens Gallery of Fine Art in G
Sailors Valentine Assemblage 20 x 19? Mixed media In the past, sailors Valentines were typically made of sea shells and given to loved ones on return from a voyage. This piece would be a Great Lakes...

Dallas by Chocolate Tours offer Sweet Valentine's Escapes

Roanoke BubbleLife iReporter 1/28 6:00A Jeanine Stevens
Dallas by Chocolate Tours offer sweet Valentines escapes. Dallas by Chocolate is putting a lot of heart into its 2021 Valentines Chocolate Tours.  The day and evening tours offer guests everything...
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